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A brief review about video conference equipment

If we briefly look back in history the invention of Telephone and Television started off the wave of audiovisual communication age. Since then technology has rapidly been changing every decade.

1990 were when Personal computers and Internet was available to every home it aided better audio-visual interaction between people across the globe. Fast forward to mid-1990s video conference equipment started to capture the attention of big business enterprises.

The video conference equipment is a formidable force in aiding business to harness the most vital commodity based on which businesses operate that is Time. Business enterprises strive to leverage time to increase productivity to invariably increase the output. The video conference equipment is the most time leveraging business tool of the 21st century. Telephone and Email perhaps are still the basic building block of every business yet the possibility of miscommunication can cause trouble. Therefore for any business, it is quite essential to have video conference equipment to facilitate an environment for sharing thoughts, ideas, understanding between various stakeholders for better cooperation and building confidence.

Without video conference equipment companies used to send its representatives to travel to distant locations involving time, cos and risk. However, video conference equipment face to face interaction between parties from two different location is just fast, efficient and cost-effective.

How does video conference equipment work?

The market is flooded with confusing acronyms and technology yet video conference equipment consists of five most essential parts and other peripheral’s device to assist.

  1. Display screen
  2. Camera
  3. CODEC unit
  4. Microphone
  5. Speakers

In addition to the above mentioned

  • A software program that bridges two parties
  • High-speed internet
  • Optional management tool for video conferencing sessions is

MCU or multipoint control unit is the heart where the digital processing hardware and software program that creates ‘virtual meeting rooms’. The video conference equipment for point to point use is relatively simple but quite complex for multi-point video conferences.

Terminologies used by conferencing users are “Joining the bridge” (Process of dialing and participating in a virtual meeting) “Bridge numbers” (Different virtual meeting rooms) “Dialing a bridge number” (users join a video call).

When different participants join from many locations using different streams of speed and signaling protocols more complexity is added. The video conference equipment therefore employs MCU to combine connections at lowest possible denominator and unify several different protocols enabling best possible quality of video and audio over end users system. This process is called ‘transcoding’. Advanced video conference equipment has the ability to share content from a device during a video call.

When investing in right video conference equipment therefore it is essential that MCU is well-designed and integrates with multiple vendors, provide transcoding capability, rate and resolution as failure to do this will seriously hamper the quality and experience of the video conference.

The video conference equipment has seen an exponential rise in demand to provide resilient, robust, efficient and manageable infrastructure delivering high-quality crisp video and audio interactions with unparalleled quality. Flexible and state-of-the-art video conferencing equipment along with superior software infrastructure binds security infrastructure and core networking across heterogeneous networks used by any number of users enabling secure seamless collaboration.