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Application fields of video conference equipment

Video conference equipment usage in the fields of medical, education, government, security, defense, finance has explosively begun to grow. Video conference equipment not only is for face to face real time meetings, but the technology is being used to record the meetings by creating on-demand encapsulated rich media for later use.

  • Video-on-demand–The software can record and replay live event webcast on demand
  • Live Mintmulticasting- Streaming of recorded webcasts. Supports Push and pull of video to the streaming servers
  • Storage and archiving – Can be stored in the cloud or across the business enterprise can determine how content will be stored and retained across its corporate resource
  • Media management- Controlling of video content using software platform.

Video conference equipment in healthcare

Using a successful video conference by using video conference equipment helps doctors to save time and cost, allows helping more patients, improves medical training, interaction with specialists anytime, anywhere , enables to view and emulate surgeries.

Video conference equipment in education

Video conference cut across geography, therefore it has become easy to reach rural areas where schools are far away, enables collaboration with different schools and universities ,record videos for review, empowers to ask with experts face to face, makes out of class learning easier, reduces education cost and closely connects parents and teachers.

Video conference equipment in defense

Without a doubt tactical war strategies cutting across geography and locations are an important aspect for any army in the world. Video conference equipment is a critical tool for enabling to send and receive timely information for the army however with advanced cutting edge systems than the conventional one.

Video conference equipment in various other fields

Government ministries, financial institutions, energy sectors giants and many individuals have benefited from scalable, reliable, and cost-efficient video conference equipment solutions.

Scenarios of Using Video Conference Equipment

Point-to-point conference

There is two scenarios of point-to-point or multipoint. In point to point scenario it is simply where one person or group is connected to another. Desktop computing solution is connected to microphone and camera or can be connected to large dedicated room-based hardware solutions. Where the Desktop solution is used by many people and tends to borrow advanced video conferencing equipment, where people can participate in livelily.

Multipoint video conference

As the name indicated the locations are connected together. Participants can lively see, heard, and share content during the meeting. Advanced video conference equipment allows video, voice and content to be processed by a central, independent software program. The program combines individual participant’s video and audio traffic and sends collective re-sends a collective data stream in real time audio video imagery back to meeting participants.

Depending upon the capability of video conference equipment individuals can participate in ‘audio only’ mode or combine video. The image where the speaking person is at the center and rest of other participants the central image is called ‘continuous presence’ mode whereas the in ‘active speaker’ mode the video displays only the image of the speaker interacting at any point in time.